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6 Bookish Summer Wedding Ideas

If you are a book lover and are planning to have a #bookish summer #wedding, use these ideas to make your special day memorable. | Books | Bookish | Wedding

My friend, Charlotte, who is also a former co-worker, is celebrating her wedding anniversary today. I still remember the simplicity and intimacy of her wedding and getting tipsy on sake at the dinner reception afterwards. Charlie and I have a few things in common, apart from the fact that we used to work together. We’re introverts,Continue reading

An Exceptional Editorial Bootcamp

iPublish Consultancy's Editorial Bootcamp 2017

Latoya West-Blackwood has her pulse on what drives the creative industry. She is an official Branson Centre entrepreneur and Young Leaders of the Americas Fellow, who turned her love of books into a career by founding iPublish Consultancy, Jamaica’s first registered full-service publishing business. Her company taps into people’s need to understand each other throughContinue reading

Hello 2017!

What did 2017 find you doing? For me, I was writing in my journal. I needed to set the momentum for the rest of this year, especially since I had fallen into a writing slump towards the end of 2016. Thankfully, I’m out of it now, and raring to complete my novel. I have noContinue reading

1 Free & Easy Way to Dictate Your Book

What would you do if you couldn’t write (or type) temporarily? Maybe you sprained your wrist or broke your hand. Or perhaps, you’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome. What would happen to that book you’ve been working on? If hiring a personal assistant is out of the question, there’s another solution – dictate your book. There’sContinue reading