A Simply Delightful Book Launch

Last Thursday, I spent a delightful evening at the launch of Simply Vegan: The Jamaican Way, a recipe book, which its author, Chorvelle Johnson, self-published. The event, which was sponsored by Orijin of Jamaica, and had a great turnout, was held on the grounds of the historic Devon House at the Grog Shoppe, a lovely restaurant that offers Jamaican and international cuisine. I can vouch that the food there is mmm-mmm good! If you’re a lover of architecture, like me, you’ll appreciate the fine mahogany furnishings, outer walls of red brick, elaborate details, and period objects that tell their own story about the heritage of the site. It was a fitting venue for the launch of a book that features one of our most basic needs – food.

Detail above one of the entrances to the Grog Shoppe.

Blurb: “Simply Vegan – the Jamaican Way is for everyone.
This is a guide that will help you to honor your bodies by using natural ingredients. Rooted in the concept of “highly nutritious and incredibly simple”, this guide serves as a vital resource for anyone looking to increase their quality of life through their relationship with food and Self.”

Chorvelle Johnson giving a brief talk about her book.

Ms. Johnson, who became a vegan by choice, emphasized that the book isn’t an attempt to convert anyone to her dietary lifestyle. Rather, she has created simple, tasty, and healthy recipes that anyone can master. In my opinion, even if you’re a meat-eater, this book can still find a place on your shelf, especially for those times when you might feel for a change, such as, Meatless Mondays, or if you’re entertaining and would like to cater to your vegan/vegetarian guests.

This launch wasn’t all talk, though. Taste came into the picture when Ms. Johnson announced that we would get a chance to sample some of her recipes, which the Grog Shoppe prepared. So sorry that I didn’t take any of those photos. The tomato-and-basil bruschetta, sweet potato chips with chick peas dip, nutty bars, and the vegetarian spring roll in this dressing that I can’t remember now, were calling my name. They were simply dee-lish!

Keep your ears to the ground, those of you who are on the Rock. Ms. Johnson will be a guest chef at the Grog Shoppe on a date to be announced.

Simply Vegan costs J$3,000, and is the first in a series of recipe books. Its Kindle version will be available soon, and a book on Juices is slated for Easter next year. Keep up-to-date on other related announcements and happenings by joining the Simply Vegan Facebook page.

CHORVELLE A. JOHNSON is many things: a family-oriented woman, a busy Jamaica-based corporate executive, and a creative being who uses her stove and her iPad to explore her love of creating soul and belly-nurturing meals.  Having shifted to a vegan lifestyle since 2009, Chorvelle now adds “published author” to her life’s journey, and welcomes the opportunity to share the secrets of some of Jamaica’s best ingredients.  She credits her parents for creating the atmosphere that allowed her to develop her passion and skill for creating delicious meals that nurture the body while pleasing the palate.

Chorvelle consistently makes time to create meals for family and friends, as she finds great joy in gifting someone she loves with the power of tasty, nutritious foods.  In SIMPLY VEGAN, this bona fide Foodie blends the uniqueness of Jamaican spices and seasonings with the atmosphere and passion of Jamaican culture. Read SIMPLY VEGAN to learn how simple recipes can create major shifts in your life, one bite at a time.

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Abi Burlingham

Sounds like a great launch and a great book, Nadine, and well needed too as there aren’t that many vegan cook books around. I love the cover too – makes me want to delve between the pages.


I agree, and plan to get my copy as soon as possible.