iPublish Jamaica's Digital Publishing Workshop

Attending iPublish Jamaica’s first Digital Publishing workshop was one of the best decisions I made for 2015.

The seven-hour seminar, which was held at the impressive-looking Faculty of Medical Sciences on the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, was one of the events I attended for this year’s staging of the Kingston Book Festival. Now that World Book and Copyright Day is here again, I thought it would be fitting to share a few highlights of my experience and what I learned.

The Presenters

Key Points

  • “Writing is an art. Publishing is a business.” — Kellie Magnus, author, and Founder and Editorial Director of Jackmandora, a Caribbean children’s media company.
  • “Print is not dead. The industry is simply evolving rapidly.” — Latoya West-Blackwood, CEO of iPublish Jamaica.
  • “Not every book needs a launch.” — Latoya West-Blackwood, on creative, innovative, and inexpensive ways to promote one’s book.
  • Trends and Opportunities to note, according to Digital Book World White Paper (Latoya West-Blackwood’s presentation):
    • The book publishing’s digital transformation and how it’s still in its infancy, with numerous opportunities for innovators, change agents, and book business entrepreneurs.
    • How e-Books will continue to open new, greater audiences for publishers.
    • The aftermath of the Amazon and Hatchette dispute, an opportunity for publishers to reflect and re-evaluate the book distribution ecosystem.
    • Why publishers should embrace and maximize IT, data, and analytics.
    • The importance of learning new skills to master mobile – the world’s fastest growing media platform.
    • How self-publishing will continue to grow as more options arise from technological trendsetters.
    • The educational publishing market’s transformation and the EdTech opportunity.
    • Why navigating the intricacies of international markets is essential for digital book publishers.
    • The role of content marketing in the publishing industry.
    • How dynamic communities, built around content are super-charging the discoverability of books.
    • The value of partnerships and supply chain collaboration in the book publishing industry.
  • “How do you look online?” — Corve DaCosta, on Your Digital Identity.
  • “Motivation, Positioning, and Connection.” — Corve DaCosta, on important things to remember in social media networking.
  • “Make use of podcasts.” — Roshane Miller, on one of the tools in a writer’s toolbox.
The early-bird winner.

The early-bird winner receiving his prize from Cecile Brown of Our Jamaica.

The youngest participant, a high school student.

The youngest participant, a high school student, receiving his prize from Cecile Brown of Our Jamaica.

Thanks to iPublish Jamaica for my copy of the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency's Creator's Affiliation Agreement.

Thanks to iPublish Jamaica for my copy of the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency’s Creator’s Affiliation Agreement.

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Fashionable Librarian

Reblogged this on Concierge Librarian.

Fashionable Librarian

Sounds exciting if was in Jamaica I know I would have been there. Hosted a publishing seminar at my last job…thanks for sharing


You’re welcome! I’ll let you know when they have upcoming events.

Fashionable Librarian

Please do so I can plan to attend.


Thanks Nadine! It was a pleasure meeting you and I am so happy that you found Jamaica’s first Digital Publishing Bootcamp useful. Please keep in touch!


You’re welcome, Latoya. I’m glad that I was able to attend. I learned so much, and I’m looking forward to learn even more. Keep up the awesome work you’re doing. Will definitely keep in touch!