Hello 2017!

What did 2017 find you doing?

For me, I was writing in my journal. I needed to set the momentum for the rest of this year, especially since I had fallen into a writing slump towards the end of 2016. Thankfully, I’m out of it now, and raring to complete my novel.

I have no complaints about last year, as wretched as it was for several folks. The year ended on a sweet note for me, in that I received my first royalty cheque. Boy, was I ecstatic! It’s a great feeling to know I’m on the road towards making a living from my writing.

I’m not one for making resolutions, but I have set some intentions, one of the big ones being to publish my novel this year. I’m so ready to become a book mama.

Maybe you have a similar dream of writing a book or publishing one this year. Go for it! Let’s find the words for this year and spread them far and wide. Let’s make the stories within us breathe.

Have an amazing, creative year, whatever your art may be. I look forward to celebrating your creation and sharing in your joy.

Oh, today is also special, because it marks the fifth anniversary of my website. The journey continues, with bigger things in store.



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