Nadine Tomlinson - Writer & Creative

Photo Credit: Rochelle Marshall

Hi there! 

I’m Nadine – 50% writer, 50% creative, 40% shutterbug, 20% chocolate, and 100% Jamaican. The math doesn’t make sense, but hey, don’t judge me.

My mantra: write • create • thrive

I’m on a path to live a thriving life, one that is marked by simplicity, creativity, mindfulness, and kindness. This online space is where I share ideas, resources, stories, and snippets of my life to help writers and other creatives do the same. It’s also where I’m making a home for the speculative fiction novel I’m writing and my future books. Like my life and novel, this site is also a work in progress, so you’ll see changes from time to time.

That said…

Let’s Connect

I’d love to get to know you. If you’re keen, we could…

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